Escrevivendo e Photoandando por ali e por aqui

“O que a fotografia reproduz no infinito aconteceu apenas uma vez: ela repete mecanicamente o que não poderá nunca mais se repetir existencialmente”.

Roland Barthes


«Ao lermos uma novela ou uma história imaginamos as cenas, a paisagem, os personagens, dando a estes uma voz, uma imagem física. Por isso às vezes a transposição para o cinema revela-se-nos uma desilusão. Quando leio o que a Maria do Mar me escreve(u) surge perante mim a sua imagem neste ou naquele momento da nossa vida, uma pessoa simples, encantadora, gentil e delicada.»

Victor Nogueira

terça-feira, 29 de junho de 2010

Le Petit Journal - Les Instantanés de la Guerre

'Le Petit Journal'
Colorful Front-Pages and Allegories Galore
two typical coverpages - left a patriotic allegory and right a portrait

'Le Petit Journal' was a long existing illustrated magazine supplement that appeared in a somewhat old-fashioned 19th century format. The back and front covers were printed in bold and eye-catching color, usually with prints or etchings of news-worthy events of the more sensationalist kind or patriotic allegories. The price was amazingly cheap and the print-run ran into more than a million copies for every issue. The inside pages consisted of text and at times pages of photographs or large-sized war maps. .
Some of the following scans are from various issues published in 1919 and as can be seen, throughout the year almost every cover was dedicated to matters pertaining to the Great War. During the war years themselves, a large number of coverpages were devoted to depicting various well-known and lesser-known commanding officers and heros of the Allied armies. In the later years of the war, instead of producing colored illustrations, use was made of hand-colored photographs, often decorated with flowery motifs or set out in more modernist appearing collages.
two typical pages of war photos
two examples of backpage illustrations
left : Russian women volunteers
right : a young regimental mascot with the Russian volunteers in France

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